Sonya Mehta



Issue Areas: Youth development, schools, education nonprofits, organizations focused on community healing, Spanish-speaking communities

# Organizations Coached: 12

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi

Joined L4G: 2022

Superpower: Pollinating and building systems

Over the last 10 years, Sonya has held a range of leadership roles in mission-driven nonprofits and government agencies. She has navigated complex organizational dynamics with an equity lens, and has worked to increase community voice in collective buy-in across her endeavors. Sonya loves working with teams to identify their key goals and what is getting in the way of their ongoing success, then using data, feedback, and thoughtful questions to help advance them on their journey.

Why Feedback?

Organizations that develop strong and reliable feedback cycles elevate community voice, amplify programmatic vision, and deepen trust across lines of difference. This unlocks new pathways to transformational change.