Our Approach

Building Continuous Feedback Systems

Listen4Good helps organizations gather actionable feedback directly from clients—as well as volunteers, staff, and partners—so they can address their most pressing needs.

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Organizations often struggle to get quality feedback from their clients, and other stakeholders. This makes it difficult to use feedback to drive change.

Listen4Good’s proven program helps to overcome this pattern — by cost-efficiently building long-lasting feedback systems for continuous improvement. All while supporting deeper and more equitable relationships with community members.

Our evidence-based feedback loop process supports you through five key steps

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Work collaboratively to develop a survey that focuses on client experience—using Listen4Good core questions as a foundation.


Prepare clients to offer candid opinions and tailor data collection to what works best for them.


Use proven analytical tools to draw insights from client responses, with an emphasis on voices least heard.


Make organizational,  programmatic, and operational changes based on client feedback.

Close the Loop

Share results with your clients and explain how you’re responding to what you’ve learned.

To support you in building your feedback system, we provide:



Our team of feedback coaches serve as your guides, collaborators, and partners. Located throughout the U.S., they bring:

  • Experience spanning 20+ issue areas
  • Expertise in data collection and analysis, organizational change, and diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • A practitioner-level understanding of nonprofits
  • Deep empathy and listening skills

Arm-in-arm with you, they help design and customize your feedback process to meet the unique needs of your organization.

If you don’t need a dedicated coach, Listen4Good Online+ offers more on-demand coaching opportunities. Compare our two programs, Listen4Good Online+ and Listen4Good Premium, here.


Listen4Good Web App & Survey

Our interactive web app guides you through all five steps and provides resources anytime, anywhere. 

The Listen4Good Survey, embedded in the web app, includes: 

  • Core benchmarked questions to ask your clients
  • Questions that can be customized for your needs

Our web app also contains:

  • Translation support into more than 55 languages
  • A custom question database
  • Access to other stakeholder survey tools for partners, volunteers and staff (available with Listen4Good Premium)
  • Robust analysis tools with data visualizations (powered by SurveyMonkey)
  • Content-rich library of 100+ feedback articles


Group Learning

We know people learn well in groups. Across our programming, we provide: 

  • Live, interactive webinars led by expert instructors
  • Peer roundtables with fellow practitioners to share learnings and challenges

View our offerings for Nonprofits and for Funders:

A Commitment to Equity:

L4G can help you operationalize your commitment to equity. We provide concrete ways to embed principles about voice and representation in your feedback approach and into how your organization works:

  • In practical terms, this means expanding who you hear from and creating spaces where topics of power are interrogated and grappled with.
  • We help you engage clients as co-designers in your feedback process, and create structures that integrate client perspectives into how your organization makes decisions.
  • By amplifying the voices of clients, you shift power to those least heard— including those who have less economic power or have been historically marginalized.

Read about how feedback redistributes power and review our best practices guide.

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