The people who make Listen4Good run.

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Listen4Good core team

Our core team makes sure organizations get the support they need and that our services are effective, efficient, and responsive. The team is also instrumental in guiding new program developments and co-creating Listen4Good as a dynamic learning organization that keeps people at the heart of what we do.

Lexi Bruner

Program Coordinator

Angela Hall

Senior Analyst, Measurement and Learning

Rebecca Klein

Program Manager

Rebecca Koladycz

Director of Programs and Learning

Alex McKinnon

Director of Product and Systems

Alexis Oviedo

Community Support Coordinator

Alicia Perez

Program Manager

Sachi Takahashi-Rial

Associate Director of Partner Services

Valerie Threlfall

Managing Director

Coaching team

Participating Listen4Good organizations are supported by our diverse team of feedback coaches who have all worked in the nonprofit sphere. Listen4Good coaches bring significant analytical skills and a wide range of issue areas and functional expertise to their work. They collaborate regularly as a team to develop their respective practices and deliver excellent results.

Alexa Cares

Carrie Tatum

Lena Hill

Molly Greene

Sara Farooqi

Erica Allen

Helen Chen

Raquel Donoso

Christine Fry

Alison Hamburg

Kris Helé

Betina Jean-Louis

Holly Joshi

Sonya Mehta

Moira Mendoza

Nicole Moler

Alicia Perez

Camille Ramani

Yvette Williams

Kevin Wu