Betina Jean-Louis



Issue Areas: Scalable learning cultures in the areas of early childhood, health, education and youth development

# Organizations Coached: 17

Languages: English, Haitian Creole, French

Joined L4G: 2021

Superpower: Helping do-gooders to actually do good

Betina is principal consultant at Arc of Evidence, an evaluation firm with expertise along the full evidence spectrum. Her organization works with social change agents to use data in strategic ways to create, research, and continuously improve interventions that promote equity and social justice. For almost 20 years, she built and led Harlem Children’s Zone’s evaluation department, gaining a wide range of experience evaluating diverse programs along a birth-through-college developmental pipeline. Betina is known for forging deep partnerships with practitioners and funders to create cultures of learning that support the pursuit of equitable outcomes.

Why Feedback?

Who knows better about the needs, wishes, and perspectives of those we assume to be social change beneficiaries than those individuals themselves? Getting their feedback about what is done with them, to them, and in their interest is essential.