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As we grow Listen4Good, we are fortunate to work with a wide array of nonprofit organizations, philanthropic funders, and institutional partners to spread the practice of listening to and centering clients.

Our partners


Since 2016, over 1,000 organizations have implemented Listen4Good. While this represents a major step forward, we still have much work to do and many relationships to build for making direct client feedback a natural part of how the social sector operates. 

See the newest cohort of organizations to join Listen4Good here.

Participant Map

Advisory Board

Listen4Good’s work is guided by an Advisory Board of leaders in the social sector who provide strategic counsel to Listen4Good’s leadership team.

  • Carter McClure

    Carter McClure

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Compass Working Capital

  • Cesar Del Valle

    Cesar Del Valle

    Director of Partnerships


  • Melinda Tuan

    Melinda Tuan

    Managing Director

    Fund for Shared Insight

  • Ror Neuner

    Rory Neuner

    Senior Learning Officer

    Barr Foundation


A number of funders and individual donors generously provide operating support to Listen4Good.

Individual Donors

  • Alexis Pesquin
  • Andrea Patstone
  • Georgia and Dominik Mjartan
  • Hilary G. Conklin
  • Jocelyn Sze
  • June Wang
  • Kari Ness Riedel
  • Kim Crusey
  • Kristin Vogelsong & Zander Lurie
  • Lindsay Austin Louie
  • Melanie Hurley & Ethan Scheiner
  • Melinda Tuan and Pete Groeneveld
  • Peter and Susan Boni
  • The Rothman-Simon Family
  • Wendy Maldonado D’Amico
  • Anonymous Donor

Partner Organizations

Listen4Good has fruitful collaborations with organizations that provide technical survey infrastructure, marketing partnerships, and sector-wide advancement of feedback practices.


SurveyMonkey has been one of Listen4Good’s most important partners. The Listen4Good web app is integrated with SurveyMonkey’s survey analytics platform, which organizations use to gain insights from their feedback data.


Feedback Labs

Feedback Labs creates incentives and training related to feedback. Listen4Good works actively with Feedback Labs to develop tools that advance field-level listening and make systematic listening a sector norm.

Feedback Labs

Fund for Shared Insight

As the originator of Listen4Good, Fund for Shared Insight is a national funder collaborative that works to improve philanthropy by promoting and supporting ways for organizations to listen and respond to the people and communities most affected by the systems we seek to change.

Fund for Shared Insight