Molly Greene



Issue Areas: Youth development, mentoring, social and emotional learning (SEL), post-secondary access/persistence, trauma-informed approaches, critical consciousness, experiential learning, outdoor education, health education, adolescent mental and sexual health

# Organizations Coached: 17

Languages: English, Spanish

Joined L4G: 2023

Superpower: Distilling detailed information from diverse sources into accessible themes

Molly has devoted her career to working towards health and educational equity for young people. She has twenty years of experience leading, designing, and evaluating education and youth development programs at several national nonprofit organizations, and is passionate about providing young people with the supportive relationships, skills, resources, and experiences they need to thrive. She provides capacity-building and support focused on program design, program strategy, evidence-building and learning to nonprofit organizations and foundations across the country.

Why Feedback?

Holding space, centering the voices of those directly impacted by our work, and deeply reflecting on and responding to what we hear has the power to transform programs and organizations, and is essential to achieving meaningful outcomes.