Rebecca Koladycz


Director of Programs and Learning

Superpower: Radical empathy

Rebecca oversees the ongoing implementation of current Listen4Good programs and internal learning and efforts to scale programs. She also oversees our rapidly growing coaching team. Before joining the team, she held diverse roles over the course of 20 years with International Planned Parenthood Federation, working with nonprofits across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Her most recent role included rapidly scaling a performance management system with partners in 21 countries to improve health services, address social norms, strengthen policies, and support national ownership of a family planning program. She also piloted an NPS-based feedback system in health clinics that was rolled out across 25 countries. Within the team, she’s known for her snoring puppy Pepper, who joins many an L4G meeting, and her commitment to building a strong organization and an inclusive team.

Why Feedback?

I don’t care if it sounds corny. I truly believe feedback makes the world better! Nothing is more effective than listening to the people around you, and letting them know that you hear them and value what they’re telling you.