Valerie Threlfall


Founder and Executive Director

Superpower: Bobs and weaves from macro to micro

As founding director of Listen4Good, Valerie led the initial design of the program. She now orchestrates Listen4Good’s overall central team, guides organizational strategy and new program development and represents the organization externally. Valerie is a frequent speaker and author on constituent and client feedback. Her experience in the field goes back more than 20 years. In 2022, Valerie was selected as a Leap Ambassador, joining a community of nonprofit thought leaders, leader practitioners, and funders that believe mission and performance are inextricably linked. Prior to creating Listen4Good, Valerie ran her own consulting firm, Ekouté, which specialized in the intersection of nonprofit strategy, feedback, and performance measurement. She was also the founding director of YouthTruth, a nationally recognized student feedback organization incubated within the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP).

Prior to her work at CEP, Valerie held numerous leadership roles as part of the early-stage business team of biotechnology firm, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, helping the company go public within two years of founding. Within the team, she’s known for her unwavering focus on Listen4Good’s long-term goals and her ability to bring all of her humanity to the work.

Why Feedback?

I believe social sector organizations owe it to those receiving services to give them the opportunity to speak their minds, describe what they need, and how they want those needs met. It’s what everyone deserves.