Moira Mendoza



Issue Areas: Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), HIV prevention and care, workforce development, health informatics

# Organizations Coached: 22

Languages: English, Spanish

Joined L4G: 2022

Superpower: Reconstructing a system to leave it stronger than she found it

Moira has been in the human services field for 20+ years and has worked with nonprofits in the U.S. and across the Caribbean and Latin America. Contributing in areas such as operations, evaluation, and health informatics, she’s managed cross-functional teams, promoted strategic analysis and informed decision-making, and has leveraged collective development and innovation to address the diverse needs of partners on the ground.

Why Feedback?

To engage, listen to, learn from and act on people’s experiences is to embrace their knowledge and compounded realities. It’s to foster trust, confront our own biases and remove obstacles to true power-sharing.