Rebecca Klein


Senior Manager, Product and Data Insights

Superpower: Project manager extraordinaire

Rebecca provides brings a systems-focused approach to problem solving to help Listen4Good deliver high quality programs and products at scale–optimizing for efficiency, effectiveness, and standardization. As Senior Manager, she helps build critical infrastructure, processes, and technical systems to support interdisciplinary projects. Previously, Rebecca worked at Ekouté, a boutique Bay Area consulting firm and also at Mission Measurement, where she supported nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to define, measure, and improve their social impact. Within the team, she’s known for never letting a ball drop, her love of outdoor adventures and her aversion to extreme weather of any kind.

Why Feedback?

When organizations rely solely on insights derived from things like outcome measurement, they often end up assuming what clients need or want. But if you don’t ask clients directly, you won’t really know what will be effective.