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Listen4Good Advanced

Listen4Good Advanced programming allows you to build on your feedback momentum after completing our Premium or Online+ programs.

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Do you see your organization in any of these statements?

If so, L4G Advanced is for you!

Our client surveys are in great shape after working with Listen4Good. I wonder if we can do the same for our volunteer surveys?

Our feedback survey data feels separate from our outcomes data. It would be great if we could bring all of our survey work into one cohesive workplan for the year.

I need to build a team that is skilled at feedback and additional champions so everything is not reliant on one project manager.

Why L4G Advanced?

We understand that creating sustainable, community-driven change doesn’t end after you complete our 18-month program. In fact, you’re just getting started!

Organizations that have extended their work with Listen4Good continue to build their feedback systems and deepen their practices. 

As a result, they see increased success with creating deep organizational change driven by community voice.

Choose from one of two tracks:

Track 1: Refining Feedback Systems

This track helps you strengthen and expand your feedback loops to new constituencies, programs or sites, as well as build your facility with tools, data, and client-driven solutions.


12 months








COST: $2,500

Track 2: Amplifying Feedback Across Your Organization

This track helps you integrate feedback and a client-centered approach into your people, processes, and policies, right down to your organization’s DNA.


12 months



COST: $2,500

CHRIS 180 jumped at the opportunity to extend our partnership with Listen4Good. Participating in this program allowed us to hear directly from the people we put first—our clients, and for them to share with us how we are assisting on their journey to healing. From creating user-friendly surveys to hearing essential feedback on ways we can improve our offerings, we have made key organizational decisions because of this relationship. — Kathy Colbenson, LMFT, President & CEO, CHRIS 180


To be eligible for Listen4Good Advanced, your organization must have: 

  • Completed Listen4Good’s Premium or Online+ program
  • Pre-existing knowledge and familiarity with Listen4Good’s five step feedback methodology 
  • An experienced Listen4Good project manager or staff member available who is familiar with your feedback system

Join an informational session about our Advanced programming


Continued access to:

  • All existing surveys and response data 
  • Another 12 months of access to your SurveyMonkey Premier account
  •  L4G web app, benchmarks, and resource library

Plus the specialized coaching and peer workshops noted above.

To be eligible for Advanced, organizations are required to successfully complete the 18-month Core program – either Premium or Online+.

As a general guide, even if you have participated previously, if you are looking for support across all 5 steps of Listen4Good’s feedback system, Premium and Online+ may suit your needs. 

If you’ve completed our Premium and/or Online+ programs and you’d like support beyond our 5 step system, we recommend Advanced.

This is possible if you have other team members who are well-versed in Listen4Good’s approach. 

If your new Listen4Good project team would benefit from learning Listen4Good’s evidence-based 5-step methodology, our Core programming may be a better fit.

If you enroll in Track 1, Refining Feedback Systems, we will make every effort to continue your relationship with the same coach, unless you’d like to request a new coach. 

If you enroll in Track 2, Amplifying Feedback Across Your Organization, you will be assigned a pair of our most experienced coaches who are experts in data measurement and organizational change.

We recommend attending an informational session. You may also schedule a call with a Listen4Good team member here.

Listen4Good has two start times per year: January and July. See our registration form for registration deadlines and start dates.