Two ways to participate.

Listen4Good provides affordable access to evidence-based resources and support via our two core programs, Premium and Online+.

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Compare Listen4Good programs:

Listen4Good web app and online content Full access Full access
SurveyMonkey 18 months of Premier account access 18 months of Premier account access
1:1 Coaching Dedicated coaching partner throughout the entire feedback process. Estimated at 10-15 hours / year On-demand assistance from a pool of coaches at critical junctures. Estimated at 3 hours / year
Group learning Access to step-by-step webinar series (optional)

Listen4Good Community online social network
Access to step-by-step webinar series (core)

Listen4Good Community online social network
Listen4Good facilitated learning community Funder-sponsored peer learning cohorts available* Funder-sponsored peer learning cohorts available*
Program term 18 months 18 months
Cost $6,000 $1,000

Finding a funding source.

While Listen4Good is a fee-based program, there are funders that will help you pay for our services if your organization doesn’t have the budget. Check out funders that have sponsored organizations in the past—or contact us to discuss potential relationships you can leverage.

Learn more:

Sign up for a free informational webinar

Learn more about our programs in a live, interactive session.

Reach out to us for a conversation

We’d be happy to talk through the specific needs of your organization and explore how Listen4Good can help you benefit from direct client feedback.

Read our FAQ to see if we’ve already addressed some of your questions.

Clients are individuals who receive services directly from an organization. Our goal through Listen4Good is to bring forward voices that are often least heard in order to improve nonprofit and philanthropic practice.


Families visiting food pantries, youth attending after-school programs, residents of public housing, recent immigrants using legal-aid services, or people participating in job-training programs.

Clients as defined for the Listen4Good program are generally not staff or volunteers who work with clients—that is, unless your organization focuses specifically on training these individuals. If you’re not sure how this definition applies to your work, please reach out. We’d be happy to discuss.

Many aspects of the programs are identical — including access to our web app, online supporting content and survey tools, and group learning opportunities. The key differentiator is that with Listen4Good Premium, you receive more extensive coaching from a single dedicated coach who guides you through the entire program. Listen4Good Online+ participants receive more targeted coaching from our pool of coaches.

Consider a number of factors to determine which program is right for you:

  • Does your organization have the capacity to be self-directed? With Listen4Good Online+, while you’ll receive prompts and regular communications from us, it’s up to you to reach out for 1:1 assistance throughout the process. We’re here for you, but you have to make the call. With Listen4Good Premium, your dedicated coach will be actively moving you through the process.

  • Do you already have strong technical skills related to data collection and analysis? If so, Listen4Good Online+ will likely be sufficient and offers a great way to learn more about how to use feedback as a unique source of insight. If you’re still building your data collection and analysis skills, Listen4Good Premium might be more appropriate.

  • Do you anticipate having lots of ongoing questions and know that you work better with someone external holding you accountable to your feedback goals? If so, Listen4Good Premium may be your best fit.

  • Look at the cost of each program. Do you expect to pay the fees yourself or do you have a funder that might work with you to cover the cost?

We run multiple cohorts to accommodate organizations’ different surveying needs and programmatic calendars. If you’re aiming to administer your survey in spring/summer, consider joining our January cohort, which has a registration deadline of December 1st. If you prefer to administer your survey in the fall/winter, consider our July cohort, which has a registration deadline of June 1. You can consult our timeline here

Our programs typically start every January and July, and run for 18 months after each start date. You can see the timeline, which is organized around our 5-step feedback loop process, here.

The surveys you create through Listen4Good are designed to be short—between 15-20 questions. They include 8 required questions and up to 7 custom questions that you can draft and rotate based on your needs. 

You can administer a Listen4Good survey using a variety of methods—by computer, electronic delivery, on paper, or through interviews. We’ve designed our processes to be flexible and tailored to individual organizations’ and clients’ needs. You can administer your survey in up to 55 languages.

Staff time required to implement Listen4Good varies depending on the size and complexity of your organization and the scope of your feedback work. However, in general, we believe it takes about 70-100 hours to implement Listen4Good in aggregate over the course of the 18 months. Recommended staffing includes having one person serve as the Listen4Good project manager and having at least one additional senior champion engaged in the work.

Organizational prerequisites include:

  • Having some base capacity and institutional infrastructure to focus on feedback.
  • Serving at least 100 clients annually.
  • Agreeing to use our core survey questionnaire

We understand that volunteers, implementation partners, and staff are critical constituencies for operating successful programs and advancing your mission. While these populations aren’t the core constituency you survey in your initial feedback work with  Listen4Good (because our survey just isn’t designed for them), we’ve developed supplementary follow-on surveys for these stakeholders that you can use, after you’ve built a feedback loop with clients. Contact us to learn more.

At the end of your initial engagement with Listen4Good, we hope you’ve built a feedback practice that you can both grow and sustain. As you deepen your practice, there are multiple ways to stay involved with Listen4Good:

  • Premium organizations can shift to Online+. This is especially useful if you want to diversify your survey practice to include other stakeholders or move into participatory decision-making with clients beyond surveys. Organizations retain access to the web app and their Premier SurveyMonkey account even if you move programs.

  • Online+ organizations can renew their participation for a fee. This allows you to maintain continued access to the Listen4Good web app and your Premier SurveyMonkey account while using your coaching hours to go deeper in your feedback practice.

If you choose to move on from Listen4Good, we’ll work with you to migrate your surveys and data to a different SurveyMonkey account of your choosing or provide you with tools for downloading your data.

If you have a question we haven’t anticipated, reach out to us here.