How we support your work.

When you partner with us to systematically listen and respond to client voices, you gain access to Listen4Good-created tools, resources and support that span all five steps of your feedback loop.

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Participating organizations benefit from:



Our interactive web app guides you through all five steps of the feedback loop. It includes survey design and administration tools, a robust analysis platform (powered by SurveyMonkey), planning and design templates, peer examples, and much more.

The centerpiece of our proprietary web app is our purpose-built survey tool. While the survey is designed with core benchmarked questions to ask your clients, you can also customize the survey for your specific needs—and deliver it in more than 55 languages.



Listen4Good provides access to our team of diverse coaches, who have deep expertise in the technical, analytical, and organizational aspects of feedback, as well as practitioner-level understanding of the nonprofit sector. They’re not only guides, but collaborators and partners who will accompany you on your feedback journey in a way that’s specific to the context of your organization.

For those who feel they don’t need a dedicated coach, Listen4Good Online+ offers more targeted coaching opportunities. Compare our two programs, Listen4Good Online+ and Listen4Good Premium, below.



Listen4Good’s group learning opportunities foster connections between organizations and get you the information you need to build your feedback skills.

Webinar series—our step-by step webinars provide insights, live tutorials, and peer roundtables to help ground each step of your feedback loop journey.

Listen4Good Community—our moderated online social space in the Listen4Good web app enables you to make peer-to-peer connections with organizations like yours for collaboration and continuous learning.

Learn more about our resources and supports:

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Compare Listen4Good offerings.

Listen4Good offers two options: Premium and Online+. Choose the program that is right for you. Organizations can participate in one of two Listen4Good cohorts annually.

FEATURES Premium Online+
Program Length 18 months 18 months
Web App Full access Full access
SurveyMonkey Premier account Premier account
Coaching 10-15 hours / year 3 hours / year
Group Learning - Webinars Optional Core
Group Learning - Listen4Good facilitated learning community For additional fee For additional fee

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